Aspire Nautilus X Coils 1.5Ω (14-20 watts)

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Nautilus X U-Tech Coils [We carry 1.5Ω (14-20 watts) Only]Nautilus X coils are now rated at 1.5Ω (14-20 watts)..

Nautilus X U-Tech Coils [We carry 1.5Ω (14-20 watts) Only]

Nautilus X coils are now rated at 1.5Ω (14-20 watts) and 1.8Ω (12-16 watts). The Nautilus X coils incorporate U-Tech, the latest coil technology. Vape flows through the U-shaped chamber and passes the Kanthal coils twice before being inhaled. This all-new airflow performance allows for unrivaled vape flavor and e-juice taste.

The Nautilus X has a quick & clean top-fill tank.Refill your 2ML tank in literally only seconds. You can drip, drop or pour your E-liquid into the Nautilus X tank and be back vaping in no time.

The Nautilus X features adjustable Top-Airflow. Not only does the Airflow Control (AFC) help you to change the airflow in the Nautilus X, Adding Top-Airflow ensures your tank will not leak from the bottom over time.


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