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CRUSH DISPOSABLE DEVICE | 5% NICOTINE | 600 PUFFSThe new disposable device by Crush Disposable is pre-filled w..


The new disposable device by Crush Disposable is pre-filled with a 5% salt nicotine. It is virtually weightless and so discreet you can take it anywhere. It is simple to use and requires no maintenance. Get up to 600 delicious puffs from this device. 


Salt Nicotine: 5%

Capacity: 2 ML E-Liquid

Total Puffs: 600 +

INGREDIENTS: Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Nicotine, Natural & Artificial Flavors

BANANA ICEThe Banana Ice flavored disposable is a dreamy new flavor by Crush Vapes. It tastes exactly like a banana smoothie that has been deliciously enhanced with a cool menthol sensation. Your whole mouth will feel refreshed and your nicotine cravings will vanish.
COLA SODAThe Cola Soda flavored disposable sis absolutely fantastic. There is no other pen or juice out there that even comes close to resembling a natural cola flavor like this one does. Sweet and sugar- free, Cola Soda is perfect any time of the day. 
GRAPE SODAThe Grape Soda flavored disposable is a tantalizing new flavor by Crush Vapes. Deliciously bubbly grape soda is an all time favorite sweet treat. You can enjoy this flavor all day, every day, with absolutely no calories. 
FROZEN MANGOThe Frozen Mango flavored disposable is a tropical new flavor by Crush Vapes. It needs no other flavors to make it a supremely delicious vape experience- it holds its own with a sweet and chilly frozen mango aroma.
LEMON SODAThe Lemon Soda flavored disposable is a crispy new flavor by Crush Vapes. Enjoy the sensation of juicy lemon bubbles dancing across your tongue with every puff. Citrus flavors can sometimes be overpowering or too tart, but Lemon Soda is perfectly smooth and delicious.
STRAWBERRY BANANAThe Strawberry Banana flavored disposable is a fruity new flavor by Crush Vapes. Red ripe strawberries and creamy bananas have always been a delicious combination. Now you can enjoy these flavors all day, with no unwanted calories.
LYCHEE SODAThe Lychee Soda flavored disposable device by Crush is absolutely divine. Lychee has such a fruity and fragrant flavor profile with hints of sweet grape, juicy pear, ripe watermelon and aromatic rose petals. This flavor is definitely one for your collection.
PEACH SODAThe Peach Soda flavored disposable device by Crush is every vapers dream. This juice delivers tasty white clouds smelling of delicious Georgia peaches. Your palate will feel exhilarated and your nicotine cravings will be completely satisfied.
ORANGE SODAOrange Soda flavored disposable device by Crush Vapes will instantly become your favorite go-to. It tastes like you just popped open a can of sugary crisp orange soda, but with no calories. Light and stimulating, you can enjoy this flavor all day long without ever getting sick of it.
APPLE ICECrush’s Apple Ice flavored disposable device tastes like your favorite sweet yet deliciously tart apple candies that make your mouth pucker when you eat them. Crush added in a nice splash of cool refreshing menthol to the sweet apple to give your whole mouth that icy fresh sensation.

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